Rosemount Irish Elite is a Junior Olympic (JO) volleyball club that provides a competitive volleyball environment for girls ages 10 – 14 (approximately 4th thru 8th grades) within Rosemount and the surrounding communities.

Rosemount Irish Elite is open to non-Rosemount High School (RHS) girls as well as girls within the RHS boundaries. Our program focuses on the development of fundamental volleyball skills, self-confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, respectful attitudes, leadership skills and competitive work ethics. Irish Elite has up to 3 different calibers of teams at each age level depending on registration numbers; Elite, Competition, and Development. Each team will have 2 experienced coaches whereever possible to ensure proper development and skill progression. Teams participate in two 75 minute or longer practices per week. Some levels also have position specific training.

Parents and players must be committed to attending practices, various skill clinics and tournaments and be committed to developing their volleyball skills. The Rosemount JO Program is committed to quality instruction, enhanced level of competition, and a positive, respectful environment. The JO Volleyball season begins in mid-November and runs through April or early May depending upon team placement. A tryout fee of $35 is collected at the time of registration.

Once team placements have been made, then an additional season fee between $815 and $1,080 is required to be collected. For all players placed on a team, they will also be required to register with USAV (in Sports Engine), which is a $50 per player registration fee.  All players placed on a team will also need to provide a $100 deposit check for volunteering.  The check will only be cashed for families that do not meet their volunteer requirements. Please click HERE for additional information regarding Rosemount Irish Elite JO Volleyball Club.

Program Dates

Registration Deadline:  October 23, 2022 Tryouts:  November 6, 2022 @ Rosemount HS – exact times TBD Practices: Begin in mid-November Tournaments: January through April or early May depending on the team placement

Contact Information

Please contact for additional questions.

Age Requirements

USA Volleyball use a player’s date of birth, not grade, to determine what age-level the player can participate in during the club season. That means a player will not play on an 8th-grade team. They will play on a 14 and Under or 15 and Under team. Adhering to these age definitions is a requirement, resulting in uniform/consistent age divisions across the 40 regions of USA Volleyball.


2021-2022 Season Age Groups
11 and under Division 
Birthdate between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012.

12 and under Division
Birthdate between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

13 and under Division 
Birthdate between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.

14 and under Division 
Birthdate between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.


In some instances, a player’s birth date may place them in an age group that is less than peers in their grade.  In this instance players can choose to play at their grade.  For example, a player born on July 15th, 2009 who is in the 6th grade can elect to play at the 12s age group rather than their 11s age group.  

Player’s may be pushed up an age group only if they are clearly better than others in their age group and are strong enough to be considered a top player in the upper age group.  This decision will be discussed with parents and player prior.   


Development teams are offered at the 11s and 12s level.  They are focused on development of a solid understanding of the game, fundamental skills, and fun.   Development teams have approximately 2 practices a week and up to 9 tournament days. 

Competition Teams are offered at 12s thru 14s and are focused on fundamental skill development, game understanding, strength and conditioning, and fun. Competition Teams have 2 – 3 practices a week that include position specific training, skill sessions, team practices and strength and conditioning.   Competition Teams can potentially play in up to 12 tournament days during the season including one overnight travel tournament.  Transportation and lodging is not included in season fees. 

Elite Teams are offered at 13s and 14s age groups  and are focused on individual skill development, game understanding, strength and conditioning, competing at advanced levels and fun.   Elite Teams have 2 – 3 practices a week that include position specific training, skill sessions, team practices and strength and conditioning.   Elite Teams play in 13-15 tournament days.  This team does travel within the state of Minnesota and potentially further which requires a strong commitment from players and their families.  Transportation and lodging is not included in season fees.